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Notary Commission Renewal

The process to renew your Notary Public commission is the same as when you first applied.

To access the Notary Application, click here(Effective 10/8/2018) .

Follow the same Notary Application Process Checklist, to include:

  • It is to your advantage to complete the form correctly the first time.
  • Signing all places where required.
  • Include the $30 payment.
  • Send to the Secretary of State, 500 E. Capitol Ave., Suite 204, Pierre, SD 57501

The application to renew your commission may be submitted no more than sixty (60) days prior to your expiration date. If you wish to renew your Notary Public commission and desire to keep the same commission date and expiration date (month and day), you may do so by completing and mailing to the Office of the Secretary of State the Application, Oath and Bond form in advance of the expiration of your commission. If you desire a different expiration date than your previous commission, please indicate what date you wish to have your next six year term begin. Once again, we must receive the application prior to the date you have selected or already have.