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Becoming a Notary Public

The Notary Application includes the application, oath and bond form and the process checklist. The application is the same for a new and renewal request.

To obtain a copy of the application, click here(Effective 10/8/2018) .

Or if you wish, contact our office at (605)773-3537 or email to request the application.

Notary Application Process Checklist

Following these steps will help to ensure a complete application and timely approval. Failure to complete these steps accurately will cause the rejection of your application and a delay in receiving your commission.

  1. Obtain your Notary Seal.
    • Can be rubber or embossing stamp that reflects your name as you will be commissioned under and sign by.
    • Must include your name and the words "Notary Public" and "South Dakota." If the seal is a rubber stamp it must also include the word "seal".
    • DO NOT include an expiration date inside the border of the seal.
  2. Complete the Notary Application
    • Make an imprint of your seal in the box at the top left of the form.
    • Complete your name EXACTLY as it appears on your seal.
    • Complete the address, city, state and zip, and county. This MUST be your physical residence address. A post office box or your mailing address alone is not acceptable, but may be included for mailing purposes.
    • If you reside at an address in an out-of-state county bordering South Dakota, complete the Employer/Business Name and South Dakota Business Address. This MUST be a South Dakota address.
    • Complete the question if you have been a South Dakota Notary before, and if yes, enter your commission expiration date. Also, enter any name(s) you were previously commissioned under.
    • Enter your date of birth.
    • Answer whether you have ever been convicted of a felony.
    • NOTE: Failure to answer any of these questions correctly or leaving them blank will cause your application to be rejected.
  3. Complete the Oath portion of the application
    • Enter your county of residence. If you reside at an out-of-state county bordering South Dakota, enter the county of your employer/business name.
    • Enter your name exactly as it is on your seal and as it is entered in the top section.
    • Date the application
    • Sign the Oath with your name EXACTLY as it appears on your seal.
  4. Complete the Bond
    • For a six-year, $5,000 surety bond, contact a local insurance company to obtain a policy.
      • Complete the Bond section of the application, listing your name exactly as it appears on your seal and as it is entered in the top section.
      • Date the section.
      • BOTH you and the surety must sign. Your signature must be EXACTLY as it appears on your seal.
      • Do not complete the second page of the application.
      • If you prefer the personal surety, do not complete this section.
    • Instead of purchasing a notary bond through an insurance company, you may complete the personal surety.
      • Do not complete the Bond section of the application.
      • Complete the Personal Surety Form on the second page.
      • A personal surety can be a friend, relative, spouse or co-worker whom will sign on their own behalf and be liable for your $5000 bond if you perform any unlawful acts with your notary commission.
      • A personal surety cannot be a company, business or organization.
      • Both you and the personal surety must sign the form, with each of your signatures being separately notarized.
      • A personal surety cannot have his/her name removed for any reason.
      • A Notary cannot be their own personal surety.
  5. Enclose the $30.00 filing fee
    • Make checks payable to Secretary of State.
  6. Send completed application with bond and payment to:
    • Secretary of State
      500 E. Capitol Ave., Suite 204
      Pierre, SD 57501

Only after you have received a Notary Commission Certificate issued by the Secretary of State, are you authorized to notarize documents.

Should you have any questions, contact our office at (605)773-3537 or email